About us

The Marmo team brings passion to every job. We’ll work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life and meet or exceed their expectations throughout their project.

The very first thing we build is a relationship. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision, schedule and budget. We’re honored that many of them choose to work with us again and refer us to their friends and family.


Some of the craftsmen in the Marmo family came to us with industry experience, others we trained to meet our high standards. Education and empowerment are the foundation of everything we do, as we seek to continually challenge ourselves as well as exceed our clients’ expectations.

Robert Dauenhauer

position Owner and Founder

Robert started his career in 1980 at NW Marble. He was fortunate to be mentored by renowned architect Ralph Anderson of Anderson, Koch & Smith. Working with Ralph for more than a decade was not only a tremendous learning opportunity, but also opened Robert’s eyes to the power of mentorship and training—values that would become a foundation of his own company.

Robert founded Marmo e Granito in 1985. One of his first clients was the Columbia Tower building, which had just opened. Soon Robert was working on projects not only in Seattle, but Alaska and Hawaii as well.

Throughout his life, Robert’s greatest joy has been art and design. Working in marble and granite has been a perfect fit that brings his passion to life and fulfills his soul. He is excited to share his creativity and commitment to exceptional work with Marmo clients and team members.


Susie Sterne

position Office Manager

Susie—or “Q” as she is known at Marmo—is the glue that holds us together. For the past 15+ years, she has flawlessly managed the fabrication and installation schedule, provided quick and accurate bids, offered helpful customer service and kept the entire staff motivated, fed and supported each and every day. She is the heart and soul of our company. Outside of Marmo, Susie’s endless energy is spent following her son’s baseball career and enjoying time with her grandchildren.


Florian Raymann

position Tile Manager

Florian is a Swiss artisan craftsman with decades of experience in the industry. Before joining Marmo e Granito, he ran his own successful tile company for more than 20 years. He cares deeply about the tile business and his philosophy is simple: make it beautiful and do it right the first time. Florian is passionate about photography and is very involved in the local art scene.



position Bookkeeper/Accounting

Penny opened her own bookkeeping service in 1998 and we’ve been fortunate to be one of her loyal clients since 2007. Her attention to detail and strong work ethic has made Penny an invaluable part of the Marmo family. Outside of work, Penny enjoys NASCAR, photography, baseball and spending time with her family.


Christie Washington

position Project Manager

With 16+ years of management, customer service and marketing experience under her belt, Christie joined Marmo in 2015. Her organizational ability, attention to detail and people skills allowed her to quickly get up to speed on bidding, fabrication and client/contractor relations. Christie spends as much time as possible outdoors and has a passion for hiking, fly fishing and yoga. She also enjoys cooking for her family.



position Shop Foreman

Miguel has been with Marmo for more than 13 years. Early in his career he became fascinated with the mechanical side of the shop and spent hours teaching himself Auto CAD and practicing cutting on remnant stone pieces. Today, he oversees all aspects of our shop and is well known and respected in the stone and marble industry. He enjoys seeing the end result of his work and appreciates the creativity and beauty of working with stone. At home, Miguel carries on his love and enthusiasm for learning with his two young daughters.



position Sawyer

One of the key players on the Marmo team, Ruby is a master of the saw and usually cuts the initial pieces for a project. He’s constantly improving our overall productivity and reducing waste by discovering new ways to use as much of a slab as possible. Ruby is an expert at book matching and works with clients to insure a perfect layout. Outside of work, Ruby enjoys spending time with his family.



position Lead Installer

When Alvaro came onboard in 2005, it quickly became apparent that his true calling was installation. With a keen eye for detail and troubleshooting, Alvaro is exceptional at making sure each job is seamless from start to finish. He has a great rapport with contractors, architects and—most importantly—our clients. Alvaro has talents that extend beyond marble and granite: his elaborate character drawings show he is a true artist.



position Installer

Damaso has more than nine years of installation experience, ranging from smaller residential work to large commercial projects. He enjoys the physical part of his job and prefers the hands-on aspect of installation. He is our quiet giant, but is quick to break the silence with his wonderful sense of humor. Away from Marmo, he loves his time at home with his wife and children.


Kong Kea

position Fabricator

As a fabricator, Kong Kea is responsible for creating the finer details of a piece and the overall finished product. Originally from Cambodia, he has been part of our team since 2006. When not doing beautiful work at Marmo, he loves to spend time with friends and family.



position Fabricator

Juan joined the Marmo team in 2012 and quickly became skilled at working on more detailed pieces. Concentrating on the intricate edge details, cut outs and specialty finishes and textures, Juan is a key part of the process that ensures every project is perfect when we deliver it to the client. Outside of Marmo, Juan owns and operates a successful restaurant business and enjoys time with his friends and family.



position Jack of all Trades

With years of experience in the industry and part of Marmo since 2002, Memo supports all of our operations and is an invaluable team member. His versatility allows him to work on both the fabrication and installation of a project and he’s our go-to-guy when we need orders picked up. Memo has a contagious sense of humor and is our personal chef at all work functions. He takes great pride in his work, his Marmo family and his own family.



position Sawyer/Apprentice

Cristo most recently joined the Marmo family in the summer of 2016. New to Seattle and with a background in construction, Cristo was a perfect fit for our current sawyer to take under his wing. Cristo quickly picked up the basics, spending many working hours as well as overtime watching and learning the nuances of the machine. He is learning the art of finessing the slabs to yield the most stone and give the client the ultimate end result. Outside of Marmo, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children.



position Tile Setter

Armando has many years of tile experience around the Seattle area, and joined the Marmo e Granito team back in 2014. He and his crew work flawlessly to ensure that no matter how large or small the project is, attention to detail is always in the forefront.



position Tile Setter

Eric has many years of tile setting experience. Along with Armando, he also joined the Marmo e Granito tile team in 2014. As the tile is often the final step, timing and teamwork is essential to a successful grand finale. We are very fortunate to have Eric and our “in house” tile team. Their very specialized work compliments each and every job they touch.


Lottie & Midge

We pride ourselves in being a “Pet Friendly” workplace, providing a healthy and happy environment for our employees, our clients and most important, Midge and Lottie. Our girls are part of the Marmo family and enjoy coming to work every day as much as we do!


Our Process

our facility

Located in North Seattle, our fabrication facility uses state-of-the-art machinery, an environmentally-sound filtration system and a water recycling system.


In addition to discerning homeowners, we work closely with leading architects and interior designers who share our passion for quality design and materials.